Friday, November 2, 2018

Different's Not Wrong - A Stitch Fix Gift

A package arrived on our front porch today.

A tiny box, marked fragile, from Stitch Fix.

Curious. I hadn't ordered anything from Stitch Fix recently - and this box was too small to be a "fix" - wonder what it could be?

Maybe this was a prize, or a thank you for completing that online survey they sent me last week?  That must be it. Maybe the fragile stickers are because it's a mug? I would totally drink my morning coffee from a Stitch Fix mug! Great marketing idea guys- yay for a mug!

I opened the box and instead of an impersonal mug, I found an envelope with my name handwritten on it.. wow, wasn't expecting that - I guess not very many people filled out the survey.

Inside the envelope, written on Stitch Fix stationary, I found a handwritten letter...

Dear Laurie,
We stumbled across your Instagram post of your epilepsy warrior, Julia - 

Umm, pause - I don't think this is about the survey...

She captured the heart of every person here at Stitch Fix. We wanted to celebrate not only Julia, but the love a mother has for her daughter. We did a little research and found your blog post about the songs Julia loved. When we saw the re-written lyrics for "the song of the one-legged chicken," we knew we had to bring your words to life. We contacted Nashville musician, Steve Everett, to record your song for Julia. The CD's included all have the song burned onto them. We hope it brings a smile to your face - Julia sure brought a smile to ours.
With all our love,
Your Stitch Fix Family

Through bewildered tears, I opened the rest of the package to find a wooden CD holder with Julia's name carved into it along with the a pony and the words "Born with a Possibility."

and inside the holder, a CD covered with pictures of Julia with the title "Sweet Little Julia."

I followed the link included in the card to the song and stood in my kitchen crying as I listened to Steve Everett sing the words I re-wrote to a children's song about our sweet Jules.

My head was spinning, it still is.

This was so completely and totally out of left field - to receive such an incredibly thoughtful gift from such an unexpected source... even as I try to write this down now to share it with others, I can't take it all in.

Thank you Stitch Fix for this incredibly personal and thoughtful and unexpected blessing. I am so touched and encouraged to hear that you all were moved by Julia's story. As her mom, one of my highest goals has been to spread the word to the world that different isn't wrong.  I'm moved to tears and greatly encouraged to know you all agree.

Thank you Steve Everett for sharing your talent in such a generous and loving way - to hear your beautiful voice singing Julia's name is a gift we will always treasure. Thank you for believing this is a message worth sharing - I hope it's a message the whole world will hear.

I'm going to bed tonight exhausted from happy emotions, comforted by the thought that there are so many people in the world who see Julia and kids like her as a blessing and a gift. As right and not wrong.

Here is the link to the song:

Here is the link to the blog I wrote:


  1. What an amazing gift Laurie! So happy for you and Jules!

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