Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reading: Slumber Parties and Promises

In December I turned 39 and decided this would be a really good year to try some new things.

Denver Women's Press Club
One of those new things was auditioning for the Boulder 2018 Listen To Your Mother show.

I auditioned with a piece I wrote several years ago called Slumber Parties and Promises, and was thrilled to get a spot in the show alongside 11 incredible women and writers!

Due to licensing issues I don't fully understand, the actual show was not recorded, so we did a second reading a week later at the Denver Woman's Press Club and those were recorded.

The link to the video is:

Slumber Parties and Promises

Thank you to the producers of the show: Stephanie Sprenger and Ellen Nordberg, for giving me this opportunity and helping me achieve my goal of trying new things!

I highly recommend it!

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