Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bathroom Remodel or My Best Christmas Present Ever!

Hello friends!

I am once again hijacking my own blog to do something a little different - I am writing my very first home makeover blog about our new main floor bathroom!!!! And I'm super excited about it - so prepare yourselves for a many, many exclamation points!!!!!!!!

Before and After modeling courtesy of our Golden-Doodle Macaroni

Quick background:

We moved into our house a little over a year ago - it's a 1950's ranch that had been flipped prior to us buying it. Some of the flip was good, some not so good. The only bathroom on the  main floor fell into the not so good category. The original tub remained and had been glazed, and the finishes were not well done (the tile was bumpy and not cut straight), but the main issue was just that it was super small. The tub served as a convenient, but not optional, foot rest when you sat on the toilet. The space between the tiny vanity and the tub was about 18 inches. Twice Julia walked in, bumped into the vanity and fell into the tub- thankfully both times I caught her by the ankles before she crashed, so it was kind of funny -  but also really scary.I worried about how this room would work for us as she gets bigger.  So all that to say, I really hated this bathroom.  Really. Hated. It.

Shortly after we moved in we consulted with my husband's Uncle Al, who is a contractor, to get his opinion on our options for this awful room.  He suggested that when we were ready to do a remodel we could take down a wall and borrow about 36 inches from the adjoining bedroom.  We loved that idea and started day dreaming about a time down the road when we would be able to do a full gut, expansion, and remodel. To say I obsessed about this would probably not be an exaggeration - I have a tendency to fixate a little when it comes to home decorating possibilities... Wes loves this about me!

So fast forward to this past Christmas.  We were still in the day dreaming phase in regards to the bathroom when I received a call from Uncle Al telling me he had drawn my name for the family gift exchange and he was going remodel the bathroom for me as my gift!!!!! WHAAAAAT??????  I couldn't believe it - he was going way, way over the suggested $50 limit. He reassured me it would be his pleasure to do this for us and so on January 5th the project began!

We had lots of fun picking out appliances, fixtures and finishes - for all of my hours watching HGTV, I had never actually experienced going through a remodel before. It was so much fun and we absolutely LOVE the final result.  It's DREAMY!!!!  And most importantly it's now so much safer and more accessible for Julia -  which is truly an amazing blessing for us! Oh and also, I can now move on to obsessing about other things - yay!

So without further ado, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!


Macaroni, demonstrating how cramped the old bathroom was!

The old bathroom.
Original cast iron tub.
Tiny vanity, boring finishes... blah!


Macaroni's haircut along with the newly expanded bathroom means he has plenty of room now to relax!

Yay!!! The wall was bumped back creating an extra foot and a half of space!

Lot's of room for Julia to walk in and not tip into the tub!

The walls are a white beveled subway tile.
The paint is a brownish-black called Pepper from Behr.

We love the rough, concrete look of the floor tiles in contrast with the white wall tiles.
The new tub is great for a little girl who loves to create tsunami waves!

We love how the tile turned out!
 I was planning to go with a darker grout but the tile guy talked me into white and I think he was right!

Thank you for blessing us Uncle Al and Aunt Jan!!!!
We love our new awesome bathroom!!!!!!

A few more pictures for people who like to see the in-between:

The wall came down!

The new bump out!
Julia's room is adjacent so we added a lot of insulation.
New tub is in!
I got to do the paint!
I LOVE the color - Pepper - my new favorite!!!

The old floor had to be leveled.

New floor down!

Tiled walls up!

I am so very grateful for this amazing gift - best Christmas gift ever!!!!


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