Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Legend of Bun Bun

This morning my husband sent me a throwback picture of Jules and her favorite stuffed animal and it brought back memories of one our favorite family stories: The Legend of Bun Bun.

When we brought Julia home from the hospital our then two year old bull mastiff Lua went into a depression.  Her feelings were hurt, she felt replaced (which she kind of was), so she hid in the back room and wouldn't speak to us. We thought she was just pouting, little did we know she was scheming...

I was worried about Lua, but given that I was experiencing all the craziness of being a first time mom, I didn't have a ton of energy to put towards our brooding beast. I assured myself that this is common. It is common right?  I've read that the arrival of the second born is the most traumatic event in the life of a first born - or in our case first purchased. So we re-assured ourselves by saying things like "she'll grow out of it" and "this will pass."  But apparently time was not enough for Lua - in order to heal, she would need revenge.

She achieved her revenge one day on Julia's favorite stuffed animal Bun Bun (it's impossible to describe how soft and luscious this little stuffed bunny was, but seriously, we are talking about the world's most perfect stuffed animal). And she did it in a way we would never forget.

Julia and I left the house for a short while that fateful day, probably to attend a doctor's appointment. Bun Bun was positioned in his usual spot in Julia's boppy on the couch. When we returned home, I opened the front door to our tiny house and right there in front of me, perfectly positioned so there was no way to miss him, was Bun Bun, buried under an enormous pile of steaming mastiff poop.

The precision of the poop was both impressive (she's a large dog) and effective (RIP Bun Bun)!

We had been warned.

Message received Lua, message received.